Light Work - Free Download

Very much inspired by the current affairs of today, this song celebrates the small acts of kindness that have been witnessed around the country and on the news. 

Enjoy, share and keep spreading the good vibes. 

Email me if you'd like the sound files: and put "Light Work" in the subject.

Download the score by clicking this link 'PDF.'

Light WorkAaron Evans
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Something To Stand For - Available Now

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Something To Stand For (Snippets).mp3
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Something To Stand For is a collection of fifteen modern day mantras for the SATB community choir. This book celebrates and honours those who have fought for positive change, with lyrics inspired by the natural world.


Book includes a little information about the background of the songs, tips for teaching to yours choirs and access to online sound files to download. 


This book is available for purchase in person at: Pulse Choir, Camden Harmony Singers and Shakti Sings Choir for the reduced price of £10 - email for more information.

Shakti Sings Choir performing Go Easy. 

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